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How the West was won Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How the West was won - Essay ExampleBradford asserted the contrary the American Indians were a group subjected to genocide in the process of creation and expansion of the United States (515). Further, the American Indian genocide assumed varied forms aggressive war, murder, land theft, ethnocide, and forced sterilization (Bradford 518). Before Columbus, Indians in the United States were about five million to ninety-four million, yet by 1880 disease, slaughter, slavery, and aggressive wars had reduced their number to three hundred thousand---and declining (Bradford 519, citing the represent of Sterba). Bradford pointed out that in the aftermath of the Civil fight, the might of the U.S. Army was directed toward Indian eradication, and one by one the tribes were pursued, cornered and murdered (Bradford 519). The United States acquired nearly Indian land prior to 1865 by fraudulent treaty negotiations and by legal perversions in its own courts (Bradford 520). The United States emplo yed murder and threats to acquire twenty-five percent of the land within its modern contiguous boundaries for distribution to non-Indian settlers (Bradford 520). ... In homesteading, government provides an incentive to rush into one area (Allen 5). Through homesteading, the sudden arrival of tens of thousands of plenty into a given territory destroyed much of the Indian way of life and forced the Indian tribes to accept reservation life or to amount of money the union (Allen 5). Based on the work of L. H. Legters, in addition to direct genocide, there has been cultural genocide which cover actions that are threatening to the integrity and move viability of peoples and social groups ( lily-livered Horse Brave Heart & DeBruyn 61-62). Quoting the work of Legters, Yellow Horse Brave Heart and DeBruyn emphasized that the West was won from the Native Americans or American Indians through cultural and real genocide that sought to erase a peoples identity and outright murder of native p opulations (62). Citing the work of some(prenominal) authors, Yellow Horse Brave Heart and DeBruyn pointed out that when lands were found to be valuable to the government and Whites, more often than not, ways were found to take them and settle Natives elsewhere (63). Yellow Horse Brave Heart and DeBruyn revealed that established in 1824, the Office of Indian Affairs, later the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), was part of the War Department and responsible for regulating tribes (63). Further, the BIA assumed the function of providing education for American Indians under its Civilization Division (Yellow Horse Brave Heart and DeBruyn 63). According to Yellow Horse Brave Heart and DeBruyn, federally-operated boarding schools and forced assimilations were considered solutions to the Indian problem (63). Yellow Horse Brave Heart and DeBruyn stressed that mission schools established as early as the late 1700s

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From the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison i need to answer, How does Essay

From the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison i need to answer, How does Pauls D concern with his masculinity cause him to act in certain slipway passim the novel - Essay ExampleThough kind and optimistic, Paul D remains concerned with his masculinity and this causes him to act in certain specific ways throughout the novel.Morrison uses Paul Ds concern with his masculinity to subtly allude to the attitude of the male members of the African American community and their expectations of how females need to act. The root portrays Paul as a character, who really loves and cares for Sethe. However, while he feels proud of her on the one hand, he becomes annoyed by her on the other when he realizes that she did not need either her husband or Paul to go through her delivery (Morrison 4). His annoyance derives from his concern for his masculinity due to which he believes that Sethe essential depend on him or her husband for the delivery.Paul Ds masculinity can be seen as a dominating trait in h im even in the scene when he first arrives at Sethes home after several years and she starts cooking for him and he says Dont go to any trouble on my account (7). This dialog manifests his concern and love for Sethe on the one hand and he is prepared to quit a meal lest he gives any trouble to the woman for whom he cares a lot. However, on the other hand, it transpires that his reaction to her invitation also stems from his concern for his masculinity due to which the topic of a female taking a trouble for a male like him does not appeal to him.More significantly, in the context of the storys theme, it can be seen that the storyline basically relies on Paul Ds knowledge of his masculinity. He is a person who has always known his apprise as a laborer who could make profit on a farm (120). Thus, he takes pride in his own strength and the ability to work. This, perhaps, is the part that imbibes in him the quest for freedom, which ultimately culminates into the attempted escape. In a ddition, he nourishes a desire in him to save Sethe from her problems and also drives out the evil from her

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Database Structures, Languages, and Architectures Essay

Database Structures, Languages, and Architectures - Essay ExampleIt is also a great tool for ocular representation of data through graphs based on the table available.I learned a lot of things from the tutorial specifically about Access. I was orientated about the advantages Access through the tutorial as I am one of those people mentioned in the tutorial that is not very familiar with Access. The tutorial about Excel was already familiar to me because I am a regular user of Excel spreadsheet as I do many computations in the spreadsheet.I learned that users can work simultaneously with Access which is not possible with Excel. It is possible to work simultaneously with Access because Access locks a magnetic disk notwithstanding while a user changes it.Repetitive data records can also be handled easier with Access. For example, Excel may have difficulty handling several(prenominal) data about a single customer which Access can with ease such as in the example belowI also learned t hat it is possible to track actions or events in Access such as purchases made by a certain customer but I have to admit that I am still ambiguous on how to exactly do it because the tutorial did not show a how to do it. It only explained that it can be done.I also learned that if it is just about handling and management of data, Access is better than Excel. Excel heretofore is excellent for analytical purposes and showing the data visually. I myself use Excel for analytical purpose such as tracking the change of computation by merely changing one of the variables in the formula.I got all of the four questions right. They were very easy and just basically asked about what the tutorial was all about. It is important to note however that I have a different reasoning for one question that I answered right. This was the first question that askedMy reasoning here is different. It says that each table is prostrate file that east related to each other. My reasoning however

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Purposes of police patrol Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Purposes of police patrol - Research Paper ExamplePurposes of police patrol noesis about the neighbourhood is the essence of every police patrolling function. Knowledge about the physical structure of the neighbourhood, Boundaries and adjoining areas, Alleys, Businesses, Layout of streets, dead end streets, geographical directions etc would enhance the patrolling functions very much. Foot Patrol, Motorcycle Patrol, Motorized Patrol, Bike Patrol, Horse Patrol, Aircraft Patrol, watercraft Patrol, Routine Patrol, Directed Patrol, D-Runs, Saturation Patrol, Split Force, Suspect-Oriented Patrol etc are some of the most common patrolling programs undertaken by police force.Increased probability of accidents is the major import in high speed pursuits. Research from the 1980s indicates that nationwide property damage occurs in about one of every five pursuits, personal impairment in one out of seven, and death in approximately one out of every thirty-five pursuits. Moreover increased rat e of law suits against the patrolling officers is other issue associated with high speed pursuits. It should be noted that in high speed pursuits, the possibility of causing damages to the innocent people is more. Casualties in the put to work of death and injury can occur to the innocent people while the police officers chase criminals at a high speed using variant types of vehicles. California police chased more than 7,000 drivers in 2003. The chases resulted in 58 deaths, including 18 innocent individuals who werent involved in the pursuit.

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THE Chain of Command Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

THE Chain of Command - Research Paper ExampleHowever, the principles and theories formulated during the first quarter of twentieth century are still being used as the base of each new management model. This paper mainly highlights the principle of reach of verify which was first presented by Henri Fayol in 1916. The paper deals with the significance of fibril of mastery, the historical perspective expound by different writers, and its effectiveness in organizations. An intentional elbow grease has been made to generalize the concept of chain of command in all fields of life. Although the term is mostly used in military perspective, however, the paper is non found stuck to military organizations only. The application of chain of command and its effectiveness has been discussed in context of both military and civil organizations. In the concluding remarks, the concept of chain of command has been analyzed critically along with few recommendations. Change of Command In a military perspective, the chain of command is a specific intercourse and interactive procedure, in the line of authority plus responsibility in which orders are conveyed in a military unit and other concerning different units. largely orders are disseminated out by a higher hierarchy i.e. a commissioned officer to the get down-ranked personnel who after receiving the orders execute the same to further lower personnel. Thus the orders are carried out to all those who are supposed to be executed. Generally, in military orders are given to instant subordinates in the chain of command while lower ranked personnel get the orders only from those who are their immediate seniors. No service member is allowed to appeal for any relief to a commander above his immediate officer and the failure is dealt with disciplinary action. Although, military officers are authorized to give orders to any of their under command subordinates, however, they are evaluate to communicate their orders only to their i mmediate juniors. In any organization, military, civil, or private, chain of command is actually an official streak of authority, control, and responsibility. The chain of command is well described through a sorted out organizational chart which identifies the superior authorities and their subordinates as well as the possible ways of communications and relationships betwixt them. The classical theory of organization highlights the importance of human relations, organizational effectiveness, and overall management. These aspects construct an organizational structure which allows one to ascertain the lines of authority and command and ensures gauze-like task of his responsibilities (Alajloni et al, 2010). The principle of unity of command is maintained by following the proper chain of command along with apparent interaction with specific authority. harmonize to Fayol (1916), this principle means that each lower ranked subordinate must receive orders from one and only one person. Th is minimizes any kind of confusions, doubts, and conflicts as sundry(a) bosses lead to divide the responsibilities. In military perspective, the rule of unity of command is very significant because violation of this rule leads to jeopardize of overall discipline and whitethorn also result in instability of the whole unit. In his historical book General and Industrial Management, Fayol also stated the scalar chain principle. This principle describes that authority and responsibility flow, one level at a time, in a vertical line from the highest level in an organization to its net level and thus establishes an organizations hierarchy. For Duncan (1979), the disregard of chain of command without proper disposal is a management error however, he tolerates it provided the chain of comm

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Making Invisible Work Visible by Andrew Parker, Rob Cross- Article Essay

Making Invisible Work Visible by Andrew Parker, Rob Cross- Article Analysis - Essay ExampleThe researchers strive to present the recommendations for the firms through and through which they can attain better have got work occurring in informal network of employees. The recommendations be based upon the research work conducted among a consortium peck 500 companies and government agencies. The researchers assessed collaboration and work in almost 40 information networks created within 23 different entities. The provided strategic and operational values are studies to find out their role in allowing the employees to collaborate and integrate their expertise with the organization. The article basically assesses and supports the information network and examines their significance for the organizations. The author counts that the informal genial networks allow the employees to deeply understand and reflect the working patterns of the organization in much better way than the employees working in formal structure. The informal additional networks however remain invisible and sometimes the managers fail to understand the problems developing within the firms. The authors also describe the background of the evaluation of the social networking techniques and inform that the estimation sociogram is credited to Dr. J.T. Moreno who has been regarded as the inventor of social networks. He paved the way towards new approach of social structure and presents the concept of role and position. The article also stresses upon the importance of informal social network in the context of management challenges in globalization era. The informal networks are influenced from the information design of the organization whereas physical proximity and nature of the work also determine the structure of informal social networks maintained by the organization. The researchers also identified three specific areas where they believe that social network analysis is uniquely effective. These areas include promoting effective collaboration within a strategically important group supporting critical junctures in networks that cross functional, hierarchical, or geographic boundaries and ensuring integration within groups following strategic restructuring initiatives (p28). The researchers found that social network analysis is a powerful and effective managerial tool that perform extensive array of functions for the organizations. The patterns of information sharing within and across the networks also became visible through the social network analysis (SNA). Moreover, SNA allows identifying and resolution the issues and problems being faced by the group of people within the organization. The specific behaviours of the employees could also be studies better and all this understanding allows taking the appropriate go for improvement of group efficiency and effectiveness. There is wide variety of benefits of social network analysis identified by the researchers. They explai n that information networks also support the employees job satisfaction and performance that ultimately benefit the overall productivity of the firms. It is very important for the management to understand the importance of social network because it the super competitive market place they cannot rely upon the traditional networks and require the support of information social network to foster the process of communication with the employees and to avail wide range of benefits of informal social networks. The authors conclude that the present era is marked with

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Individual Business Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Individual Business Report - Essay ExampleOur Mission The complaint of Lancome priapic sputter c atomic number 18 is to offer and supply products and services that will improve the physical appearance of men while maintaining their masculinity, and this promotes appreciation of gender transformation and presentable male appearance in the society. Value proposition Lancome male skin care is in a very competitive market structure that requires great value propositions. In this case, it strives to ensure that the clients enjoy high-end skin care products with affordable harms with a satisfactory feedback. This will boost its client numbers and hyperbolize its market base. The Opportunities Lancome male skin care has a lot of advantages that gives it a competitive advantage over similar companies and this entails Differentiated skin care products that overhear the male client preference diversity A multi-choice of high-end products and service offer at a significantly cheaper p rice compared to the competitors hence attracting more clients Ability to get a line immediate demand of customers on products supply and service delivery Easily approachable services that are reliable and meets the desires of the clients. Target Market The typical consumers of Lancome male skin care include Urban male dwellers most of whom are average earners or are elite socioeconomic groups Clients with middle class one-year income estimated at more than $ 50,000/year Most of the customers love their body appearance and skin texture Most of the clients show interest in fashionable so that they can gain confidence, feel relaxed, attractive and maintain masculinity. Most of the customers targeted are male life-longing men in the age bracket ranging from 15-35 years age group. These individuals are still at the heights of seeking appearance Clients needs that the firm seeks to meet include Provisional of services that will make the clients show their predisposition to fas hion and their personalities at home Provision of products that will be consistent with the fashion and standard quality as per the clients taste learn that the prices of the services and products are affordable Offer more services under same product package at a fairly cheap price as this will substantially save the consumers their money. The Marketing Mix The concept of marketing in this case is vital for the survival of Lancome male skin care. The stolon approach is to analyze the feature of the products so that potential customers and the existing ones can be made aware of the wide variety on offer. These features include racy quality premium/materials that are modern and fashionable to the customers Variety of product combinations and selections to the clients Ultramodern and safety guaranteed skin care products with immediate results Service features This is Lancome male skin care policy recommendation that emphasizing on expansion of the existing services and optimiz ing satisfaction of the desires of the customers. These include Customized products pre-order so that each client attains his desirable features in a product met Help various clients in other facial lifting products and safety precautions Offer online transaction and shopping by the clients.